Baking on the World Stage

By Molly Absolon, Photography by Lara Agnew Jerod Pfeffer was a teenager when he decided he wanted to try rock climbing.“I was a good athlete,” Jerod says, “I looked at the range of the [...]

Teton Valley’s Vintage Trucks

Words and photography by Camrin Dengel I love seeing vintage pickup trucks around the valley. Some sport fresh upgrades or relatively new paint jobs, but most are the classically weathered [...]


A handful of one-name artists are universally recognized: Michelangelo, Picasso, Cher, Madonna, and Prince, for examples. Teton Valley has its very own artist with a single moniker: Borbay.

Hometown Brewing

By Kristen Pope, Photography by Camrin Dengel Idaho is the nation’s top barley-producing state, and in 2018the Gem State surpassed Oregon to become second in nationwide hops production(behind [...]

Avalanche Evolution

Don Carpenter says he felt like he was drinking from a fire hose when he took his first formal avalanche class in 1993. More than twenty-five years later, Carpenter is a part owner of [...]

Stayin’ Alive

Words by Tom Hallberg, Photos by Camrin Dengel At any given time, Dave Ridill is growing nearly twenty-four thousand individual plants. Even when the snow stacks several feet high outside his [...]

The High Note

Pilot Kristine Ciesinski stands next to a glider and points across the airfield at the dirt devils swirling in the distance.